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"I owed about $21,000.00 in combine California state and IRS taxes and had no money to pay. The Offer in Comprise form helped reduce that amount." -- Jackie (California)

California IRS Tax Settlement

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The IRS reported that the state of California, had about 17,601,109 federal tax returns filed. One can imagine with that many tax returns in CA and each tax payer averaging close to $12,741.00 in taxes, . The IRS has a special program, IRS Offer in Comprise that gives people another option.

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The bad economy has contributed to people in California becoming behind in paying their state income taxes, social security taxes or pay-roll taxes. If you decide to just ignore and not file, your balance of federal and California state taxes start to get worse and can lead to wages being garnished. The average California adjusted gross income in 2007 was $63,038.00. The IRS have been quietly working with people like yourself in CA to settle tax debts from everyone ranging from people who owe more than $50,000 or as little as $10,000.

Whether you live in Sacramento or San Diego, all California residents can fill out the IRS Offer in Comprise form to settle their tax debt with the IRS.

Offer in Comprise

Note: You don't need to go through a professional California tax settlement company to settle your tax debt.

However, real IRS tax relief companies may improve your chances since they have many years of professional experience. The new FTC law that applys to California tax relief companies cannot charge anything unless the California IRS tax settlement offer is successful.

Stop worrying about Uncle Sam and the IRS and contact a California tax relief professional and start the IRS Offer in Comprise process. The Offer in Comprise is considered a tax debt relief or a debt forgiveness. The California government will settle for less than the total balance if you can prove hardship. No matter if you owe federal taxes or California state taxes, tax debt settlement may be the option for you.

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